The purpose of the On-Line Neuse River Watershed Atlas is to provide an Internet source for maps and other electronic data about eastern North Carolina's Neuse River watershed. It is designed to be used by Cooperative Extension Service agents and specialists, as well as citizens interested in the resources and coverage extent of the Neuse River watershed. The project is currently in progress, so more maps and links will be added in the near future. Hopefully, this will be an excellent forum for disseminating available digitized geographic information to meet educational and research related needs.



Upper Neuse Basin:

  • Durham County | Franklin County | Granville County | Johnston County | Orange County | Person County | Wake County
  • Middle Neuse Basin:
  • Franklin County | Greene County | Johnston County | Lenoir County | Nash County | Pitt County | Wake County | Wayne County | Wilson County
  • Lower Neuse Basin:

  • Craven County | Greene County | Lenoir County | Pitt County

    Additional Links of Interest

    Neuse Education Team Homepage

    NCSU Aquatic Botany Laboratory (Pfiesteria piscicida)

    NCSU College of Ag. and Life Sciences, Water Quality Program

    NC Div. of Water Quality, Water Supply Watershed Protection Program (stream classifications, etc.)

    Example Basinwide Management Plan for the Neuse River Basin

    Neuse River Basin Water Quality Retrieval System

    USGS Realtime Streamflow Data

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    Last update: October 15, 1997