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"The NCSU Water Quality Group is committed to monitoring, restoration, and community education in all of North Carolina's watersheds..."
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The North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service is cooperating with other agencies in a variety of watershed projects spanning all three physiographic regions of the state. The purpose of these projects is threefold: 1) document and characterize water quality at a watershed scale; 2) identify nonpoint sources of pollution; and, 3) evaluate the effectiveness of best management practices used to prevent or treat nonpoint source pollution. Each project consists of pre and post BMP water quality monitoring, BMP implementation, and a variety of educational programs. Special emphasis is placed on the use of natural systems to treat nonpoint source pollution. 

News and Events: 

Dec. 10, 1998: The 1999 Water Resources Council Conference has issued a call for abstracts.

Dec. 10, 1998: The Watershed Management 2000 Conference has issued a call for abstracts.

Jan. 14, 1999: Check out the new page detailing the installation of a Living Cribwall

Jan. 31, 1999: The Outreach Link at the bottom of the page now links to a BMP picture gallery.