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Thomas M. Losordo, Ph.D.

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Dr. Thomas Losordo

Thomas M. Losordo
Professor and Extension Aquaculture Specialist
Biological and Agricultural Engineering 

Appointment: Extension/Research 

200 Weaver Labs
NC State University
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Box 7625, Raleigh, NC 27695 

Voice: (919) 515-6784 
Fax: (919) 515-6772
Extension Assistant - Christina Shepard- 513-2192

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Short Biographical

Dr. Losordo has earned a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Masters and Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering.  Having been involved in aquaculture for more than 37 years, Dr. Losordo currently heads a program of applied research and extension (public service) in the area of recirculating aquaculture production systems and the treatment of freshwater and marine aquaculture effluents.  Known as the North Carolina Fish Barn program, and in its 21st year of development, this program develops, evaluates and demonstrates new technology for intensive fish farming at the commercial scale.  While focusing on tilapia, hybrid striped bass, and more recently sturgeon, the Fish Barn program has also investigated the production of rainbow trout, yellow perch, southern flounder, ornamental gold fish and koi carp in recirculating aquaculture systems.  Prior to assuming his faculty position at NC State University, Dr. Losordo conducted research in the area of aquaculture pond water quality, effluent characterization and mitigation.  His doctoral research, at the University of California at Davis, investigated the phenomenon of thermal and oxygen stratification in shallow aquaculture ponds culminating in the development of one of first computer simulations that describes and predicts adverse water quality conditions at the bottom of aquaculture ponds.