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Sanjay Shah, Ph.D.

Sanjay ShahFaculty

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Extension Specialist / Air Quality

176 Weaver Administration Building 
Box 7625, NCSU 
Raleigh, NC 27695-7625 

Voice: (919) 515-6753
Fax: (919) 515-6772

Curriculum Vitae


Current Research Projects

  1. Litter amendment and improved diet impacts on broiler ammonia emissions and productivity - USDA-NRI  (2006-2008) 
  2. Determining plant-available nitrogen in hog anaerobic lagoon effluent applied with traveling gun and drag hose systems - UNC-WRRI (2005-2007)
  3. A regenerating scrubber for reducing animal house emissions - NCSU-Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center (2004-2006)
  4. An improved wind tunnel for measuring ammonia volatilization from land and lagoon surfaces
  5. A heat exchanger-biofilter for reducing ammonia emissions and energy use in broiler house  - A joint project with West Virginia University (WVU) 
  6. A machine for applying poultry litter in subsurface bands - A project initiated while I was at WVU


  • BAE 200 - Computer Methods in Biological Engineering
  • BAE 590/495 - Agricultural Air Quality