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North Carolina State University Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering

François Birgand

Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University (USA), Agricultural Engineering, minor in Water Resources, 2000.
  • M.Sc., Ingénieur Agronome (Agricultural Engineering), Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique de Rennes (France), 1994.


  • 2008-present: Assistant Professor, Biological & Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University
  • 2004-2008: Engineering Researcher, Cemagref Research Institute, Antony, France
  • 2004-2008: Engineering Researcher, Cemagref Research Institute, Rennes, France


Refereed Publications

5 significant (7 in last 2 years; 14 total).
View complete list here.

  • Birgand F., T.W. Appelboom, G.M. Chescheir and R.W. Skaggs. 2011. Estimating nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon fluxes in forested and mixed-use watersheds of the lower coastal plain of North Carolina: uncertainties associated with infrequent sampling. Trans. ASABE. 54(6): 2099-2110. (pdf)
  • Billy* C., F. Birgand, M. Sebilo, G. Billen, J. Tournebize and C. Kao. 2011 . Nitrate dynamics in artificially drained nested watersheds. J. Phys. Chem. Earth. 36(12):506-504. doi: 10.1016/j.pce.2008.09.007. (pdf)
  • Birgand F., C. Faucheux*, G. Gruau, F. Moatar and M. Meybeck. 2011. Uncertainties in assessing annual nitrate loads and concentration indicators: Part 2. Deriving sampling frequency charts in Brittany, France. Trans. ASABE. 54(1): 93-104. (pdf)
  • Appelboom, T.W., G.M. Chescheir, F. Birgand, R.W. Skaggs, J.W. Gilliam and D.M. Amatya. 2010. Temperature coefficient for modeling denitrification in surface water sediments using the mass transfer coefficient. Trans. ASABE. 53(2): 465-474. (pdf)
  • Birgand F., C. Faucheux*, G. Gruau, B. Augeard, F. Moatar and P. Bordenave. 2010. Uncertainties in assessing annual nitrate loads and concentration indicators: Part 1. Impact of sampling frequency and load estimation algorithms. Trans. ASABE. 53(2): 437-446. (pdf)

Active Grants

  • US Department of Energy, Optimization of Southeastern Forest Biomass Crop Production: A Watershed Scale Evaluation of the Sustainability and Productivity of Dedicated Energy Crop and Woody Biomass Operations. 01/2011 - 12/2016, $2,092,892, co-PI
  • NC Water Resources Research Institute - SeaGrant, Quantification of nutrient and organic matter fluxes in a restored tidal marsh. 04/11 - 04/12, $20,000, PI
  • NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources EPA 319, Quantification of In-Stream Water Quality Benefits of a Restored Coastal Marsh, 04/2010 - 03/2012, $166,170, PI
  • Weyerhaeuser Foundation, Analysis of the Effects of Biofuel Planting, Growth, and Harvesting on the Hydrology and Water Quality of Pine Plantations. 01/09 - 12/10, $500,000, co-PI
  • NC Water Resources Research Institute, Deriving Sampling Frequency Guidelines For Water Quality Monitoring In North Carolina, 07/10 - 06/11, $30,757, PI

Other Synergistic Activities

  • American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), Member Engineer, 1998-.

Collaborators & Other Affiliations (in Last Five Years)


  • Julien Tournebize, Cemagref (France)
  • Yves Nedelec, Cemagref (France)
  • Paul Bordenave, Cemagref (France)
  • Claire Billy, INRA (France)
  • Philippe Mérot, INRA (France)
  • Chantal Gascuel-Odoux, INRA (France)
  • Catherine Grimaldi, INRA (France)
  • Gérard Gruau, CNRS (France)
  • Florentina Moatar, Université de Tours (France)
  • Michel Meybeck, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
  • Gilles Billen, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
  • Mathieu Sebilo, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
  • Ahti Lepistö, University of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Devendra Amatya, US Forest Service
  • Sara McMillan, UNC-Charlotte
  • Chip Chescheir, NCSU
  • Wayne Skaggs, NCSU
  • Mike Burchell, NCSU
  • Mohamed Youssef, NCSU
  • Greg Jennings, NCSU
  • Chris Osburn, NCSU
  • David Genereux, NCSU
  • Bill Showers, NCSU
  • Brian Reich, NCSU

Graduate Students Advised

Total: 7

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François Birgand


  • François Birgand
    Assistant Professor,

    Biogeochemistry &   Ecological Engineering
    Biological & Agricultural Engineering
    North Carolina State   University
    148 Weaver labs
    Campus Box 7625
    3110 Faucette Dr
    Raleigh, NC  27695-7625

    (919) 513-2499
    (919) 515-7760 (fax)