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NCSU Department of Biological and Agriclutural Engineering

NCSU ASABE Sweet Potato Sale


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Support ASABE Student Club by buying N.C. grown sweet potatoes...

Sweet potato label for the box of sweet potatoes

Students pack the boxesStudents closing up the boxes with recipes inside. Other students put labels on the boxes.

BAE Research

Dr. Ratnar and Dr. Chinn in the bioprocess lab.Bioprocessing faculty Drs. Chinn and Sharma have been researching sweet potatoes and other NC crops to produce biofuels.

sweetpotato dog treatsBAE product development new cured-dried doggie treats.

harvesting sweet potatoesBAE research refines postharvest techniques & machinery designs to reduce damage (blemishes and bruises) to sweet potatoes during harvesting and transport.

Dr. Mike Boyette examines a slice of sweet potato during a on-farm demonstration of sweet potato Dehydration. Dee Shore photo.

Did You Know!

In 2007 North Carolina (667 million pounds) produced more sweet potatoes than any other state. However, Vardaman, Mississippi claims to be the sweet potato capital of the world.

In 1995 the sweet potato was officially designated the state vegetable by the N. C. General Assembly. Yes... sweet potatoes are vegetable.

Sweet potatoes are good for your health! They are moister, higher in vitamin A and sweeter than a yam.

Sweet potatoes grown in the U.S. are often confused and referred to as yams because in the 1800's Louisiana growers wished to distinguished their Puerto Rican variety sweet potato from the standard sweet potato grown in most of the U. S.

Real yams are not commonly found in U. S. supermarkets. Yams are produced in developing countries where they are an important food staple because yams can be stored for 6 months in hot climates. Real yams do not taste sweet.

Sweet potatoes are usually planted and harvested by hand to avoid bruising. Currently, handpicked sweet potatoes yield the best product for the consumer market.

Native Americans were growing sweet potatoes when Columbus arrived in 1492.

Growing season for sweet potatoes is May through October and seeds are planted in early March.

Sweet potato vines make a nice foliage addition to garden planters.

Learn more about NC produce at:

NC Sweet Potatoes

Ag is Cool Sweet Potatoes

Student Fundraiser

Graphic lettering says NC Farm Fresh Sweet potatoes just in time for the holidays...

The NC State Student Branch of the American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers (ASABE) is selling premium North Carolina sweet potatoes. Our sweet potatoes are hand selected and packed in convenient 10lb. boxes. NC sweet potatoes are delicious, healthy, and are a traditional item served for Fall and Winter holidays, but they are still great anytime of the year. Price: $10 per 10 pound box ( Free recipe booklet included! ) multiple orders welcome....

sweetpotato mascot

Payment: Payment for orders will be taken at pickup (cash or check)

Ways to Order:

  1. On-line Form to the right... (on-line is the preferred method )
  2. Call in order to Mrs. Betsy Maness, Phone 919-515-6701
  3. Sign up at Weaver Labs see ASABE bulletin board outside room 125.


  1. Deadlines
    Sale opens Oct. 23
    Pre-sale with the online form ends: Nov. 13
  2. Pickup Times: 3:00 - 6:00 pm, Thursday- Friday
    November 20 - 21th, 2014
  3. Pickup Location: Under the Pavilion at Weaver Labs Find Weaver Labs

Proceeds: Sweet potatoes sales will go towards funding pre-professional development activities for students in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State University.

Other Questions and FQA.... Contact: Mrs. Betsy Manness,
919-515-6701 or e-mail


Question: How much is a box of sweet potatoes?

  1. Answer: Each 10 pound box is $10

Question: Can I place multiple orders for me and also family or friends and is there a limit on how many boxes can be purchased?

  1. Answer: There is NO limit on how many boxes you can order, so ask your family or friends if they want sweet potatoes for the holidays. You may choose to pick-up boxes for family and friends or direct them to pick up boxes themselves. Payment is at pickup.
  2. We want to sell... sell...sell... so bring us orders.

Question: Where can I find recipes for sweet potatoes?

  1. Answers: A pamphlet in the box of sweet potatoes
  2. NC Extension
  3. Sweet potato Recipes
  4. Reduced fat Casserole

Question: What if I don't know how to cook sweet potatoes?

  1. Answers: Inside the boxes we have included a free recipe booklet with several sweet potato recipes to try.
  2. More recipes are available on-line at:
Question: How long do sweet potatoes keep?
  1. Answer: When kept at approximately 58 degrees (about the temperature in your garage) the sweet potatoes will last for several months.
  2. NOTE: DO NOT refrigerate uncooked sweet potatoes.

Photo: Sweet potatoes being weighed and boxes stacked to sell

Photo: Students are packing boxes of Sweetpotatoes

Photo: some of the fellwos sorting fresh sweet potatoes
selling sweet potatoes buying sweet potatoes