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NCSU Department of Biological and Agriclutural Engineering

Seminars, Lectures & Events

Talk of Interest to Engineers

Everyone is welcome to attend seminars, lectures and events unless otherwise noted.
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Campus Lecture Series:

Special Seminar

When: Friday AFTERNOON- September 19th

Where: Hunt Library Auditorium

Intersection of Genetics and Society Symposium

1:00PM Introduction of Symposium -- Provost Warwick Arden
1:15PM Dr. Paul Lombardo, Esq. -Georgia State- Eugenics: Past and Future
2:00PM Dr. George Church -Harvard- The Future of Human Genomics and Synthetic Biology 2:45PM Break
3:00PM Dr.Sarah Richardson -Harvard-- How Culture Impacts Choices by Genetic Researchers
3:45PM Amy Harmon -New York Times- Topsy-Turvy Debate Over Biotechnology in Agriculture 4:30PM Wrap up discussion

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