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NCSU Department of Biological and Agriclutural Engineering North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Agricultural Irrigation

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Dr. Garry Grabow
Extension Specialist,
Irrigation and Drainage
Phone: 919.513.7348
Fax: 919.515.6772

Monitoring irrigation rates have a positive impact on growth rates of plants...

Resources and Information

Irrigation Water Management During Drought
Profitable Agriculture Alternatives Newsletter -issue 2007

Chemigation & Fertigation: Anti-Pollution Devices for Irrigation Systems

Field Devices for Monitoring Soil Water Content - Southern Regional Water Quality Program

Strawberry Irrigation-soil moisture and sensors (Newsletter)


  • AG 356 - Operating Controlled Drainage And Subirrigation Systems
  • AG 389 - Water Supplies for Subirrigation
  • AG 397 - Economics of Irrigation and Subirrigation Systems
  • AG 425-6 - Pumping Plant Performance Evaluation
  • AG 443 - Controlled Drainage Management Guidelines for Improving Drainage Water Quality
  • AG 452-1 - Soil, Water, and Crop Characteristics Important to Irrigation Scheduling
  • AG 452-2 - Measuring Soil Water for Irrigation Scheduling: Monitoring Methods and Devices
  • AG 452-3 - Calibrating Soil-Water Measuring Devices
  • AG 452-4 -Irrigation Scheduling to Improve Water And Energy Use Efficiencies
  • AG 452-5 -Irrigation Management Strategies to Improve Water & Energy Use Efficiencies
  • Subsurface Drip Irrigation
    • AG 695-1 - SDI Considerations for North Carolina Growers and Producers
    • AG 695-2 - Site Selection for SDI Systems in North Carolina
    • AG 695-3 - Design and Installation of SDI Systems in North Carolina
    • AG 695-4 - Critical Management Issues for SDI Systems in North Carolina